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Postsecondary Education and Training Preparation Toolkit

The Postsecondary Education and Training Preparation Toolkit (PSETP Toolkit) is the latest toolkit resource from NTACT. Like all of our toolkits, it is intended to reflect the best and most comprehensive knowledge the field has identified on a topic. They offer a variety of resources and perspectives on a topic in one location. The PSETP toolkit explains the array of PSET options for young adults with disabilities after they complete high school. So, this toolkit is intended as a resource for any student with a disability, family member, service provider, or educator of a student with a disability, to consider options and plan for PSET access and Explore this new toolkit!

Workforce Development & Online Learning

In today’s economy, workforce development and continuing education fuel growth. They ensure that employees have the skills and knowledge to support current and future businesses and industries. These skills, however, also benefit workers themselves, giving them the tools they need to be successful and competitive in the workplace. Learn about workforce development basics, why everyone should look for continuing education opportunities, and where to find them.

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