An Awesome Classroom Activity That Teaches Job Readiness Skills

Teach students the steps of successful problem-solving and then watch them apply their new skills with real-life scenarios. Begin by downloading this PDF on Problem Solving Activity.  You’ll get resources for Seven Steps to Solving a Problem Effectively, a problem-solving organizer, and six different workplace problem-solving scenarios for your students to try.

What they’ll practice: Problem-solving skills, communication, critical thinking skills,  and respect


Skills-Based Sexuality Education for Adolescents with Special Needs

The Student Support Services Center is offering a full-day training entitled Skills-Based Sexuality Education for Adolescents with Special Needs.  It will be offered on May 22, 2019 in Fredonia, NY.

Registration information can be found at:

The goal of this professional development is to support public school educators who are teaching sexuality education to adolescent learners with special needs.  Participants will come away with strategies and skills to create safe and supportive classroom environments, and effectively facilitate student learning and meaningful skill-building.

If you are having difficulty opening this link, or have questions related to the session, please contact the Student Support Services Center at or 585/344-7570.

Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and related Disabilities LEND  Training Program

Are you a Parent or Sibling of an Individual with Intellectual/ Developmental Disabilities?
Consider applying to the LEND Program 
as a Family Specialist Trainee for 2019-2020
(Note that applicant requirements and due date extended)
The WIHD LEND Program is one of 52 LEND Interdisciplinary Leadership Training Programs funded by the federal Maternal and Child Health Bureau.  LEND Program participants graduate with competencies required by family leaders and advocates in the field of developmental disabilities.
Applicant Requirements:

  1. You must be the parent or adult sibling of an individual with an intellectual/developmental disability and 
  2. You must have, or be in the midst of earning,  at the minimum, a master’s degree or have a bachelor’s degree and can demonstrate training and significant experience in disability leadership and family advocacy.
Applications are due by April 17, 2019. Interviews will be scheduled during March, April and early May (after applications received), and notification of acceptance will be provided by May 22, 2019.
For More Information: or the LEND Office 914- 493-8175

General information about the LEND Program at WIHD: 
Applications available at:
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